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Posted on Nov 18, 2009 :: Insight on Business, Web Exclusive.
Margaret LeBrun
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Welcome to the forum that connects business and people in
the New North: the Insight blog.

Here the staff, contributors and partners of Insight
magazine will post news and information beyond what we offer in the 64- to
72-plus pages of our monthly printed publication – all the juicy bits and
whatever didn’t make the “cut” on the way to the printer.

We invite you to think of the Insight blog as a place as a launching pad for adding your voice.
We encourage you to comment on articles in our magazine and to build on the
discussions that originate in our postings – adding your thoughts into what
matters to business and professional people in the 18-county region of New

Want to know the story behind the story? Our contributing
writers will share nuggets of information they gathered while reporting on the
articles in our magazine. Often they’ll give you timely news you can use, a
heads-up on events you won’t want to miss, or updates on their articles since
we went to press. Sometimes they’ll share personal asides, anecdotes from their
interviews or subjects that they found interesting but just didn’t quite stick
with the focus of the article they filed. Occasionally we’ll share the story of
how we got the story or what it took to get a cover portrait.

The Insight blog
will also explore the departments in our magazine and how we determine what and
who we cover. We’ll give you the chance to pitch story ideas, to get involved
in the discussion about what we cover, and why. Our goal: to give you more, and
to offer a forum for you to share your “insight.”

– Margaret LeBrun

Margaret LeBrun

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