The kicker

Posted on Nov 18, 2009 :: Insight on Business, Web Exclusive.
Sean P. Johnson
Posted by of Insight Publications

It's funny what people will speak passionately about.

While Jeff Griffin is certainly a passionate advocate for
the work that Pro1 does for its clients, if you really want to get some passion
from him, talk about youth sports. It's not just his own experience, though he
was quite an athlete in his day, but his experiences coaching his daughters as
they learn the game of soccer.

My first thought was that Marie would be the soccer fan,
being from South London. It turns out that Jeff is the soccer fan, and truly
has a passion for coaching. His daughters play for one of the Green Bay soccer

As a coach myself (Paper Valley Youth Soccer Club; Ripon
College Women’s Soccer), Jeff and I would drift off course from time-to-time
talking about the "beautiful game" as it is known, and our
experiences trying to teach it to children the right way.

Jeff may be a guiding force in a growing company. But the
conversations served as an important reminder that he has a life outside the
company, has hobbies and interests like everyone else and is involved with his

– Sean Johnson