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Posted on Dec 17, 2009 :: Insight on Business, Web Exclusive.
Margaret LeBrun
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Here’s a guy who knows what he needs
to do, lives where he wants to live and (you might say, unusual in Northeast
Wisconsin) makes no apologies for a little bit of ego. In the December issue of
Insight, Todd Thiel shares the story
of how he left Manhattan to bring his international investment firm, McKinley
Reserve, back home to “suburban Sherwood” in Calumet County. He remodeled an
old bank building in downtown Hilbert and set up his office there, to be
precise. The photo shoot took place the Monday after Halloween, and while Todd
told us about the deal he was working on in Dubai last year, feet propped up on
his desk, we could see out the window behind him that the trees across the
street were aflutter with toilet paper. He laughed when we pointed that out,
then showed us views out of other windows where he could see the church his
family attends, next to the school his kids go to. He loves the pace of
small-town life. “When I decided to move back to Wisconsin, people asked me why
in the world I was going back to Hilbert,” he told associate editor Rick Berg,
who wrote the story. “I would tell them that it’s calm, clean, quiet and
discreet and that’s just the way I like it. You can think in this environment.”
So true – when we suffer a 5-minute wait at the stoplights around the Fox River
Mall, we get impatient around here! We keep our sanity in check with the pace
of life in Northeast Wisconsin, and while we drive a lot between Green Bay and
Appleton, Oshkosh and Fond du Lac, most of us don’t waste much time driving to
and from work. We can fly to Manhattan when the spirit moves us, and flying out
of Appleton or Green Bay is easy and stress-free.

– Margaret LeBrun, Insight editor  

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