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Posted on Jan 6, 2010 :: Insight on Business, Web Exclusive.
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had the pleasure of getting to know our January cover subject, Margie Weiss,
this past year, since she stopped into my office one day to share her
excitement about plans for a new business called Weiss Health Group. It would
allow her to share her great ideas on lean, green and healthy workplaces with
fellow business owners throughout the region. She was still drumming up
clients, so I asked her to keep in touch and see how it was going before we
might do a bigger story on it.  And wow, her
ideas have already made positive, measurable changes for nine companies.

name came to my attention about five years ago, when I featured her husband,
Jim Weiss, as a mentor to Carol Van Vreede of Exhibit Resource by Skyline. “Jim
Weiss the Nice Guy,” known by many as the amiable business guy who never
forgets a birthday, assured me that the real story was about his wife.

into everything, everybody knows Margie,” he said, referring in particular to
all the community service that his wife does. Not long after that, Margie took
on the role as CEO of the Neuroscience Group of Northeast Wisconsin, and with
the help of consultant Steve Tyink (now with Miron), took bold steps to turn
that company’s new town of Neenah building into a model for patient and
employee comfort, designed to enhance patient outcomes and maximize
productivity. With that experience under her belt, Weiss – a registered nurse
in her first career who holds a Ph.D from the University of Minnesota and is
certified in LEED – was determined to take her knowledge and enthusiasm for
sensible, healthy, sustainable ideas to other companies. She calls her
philosophy HS3, which stands for health, safety, sustainability and
stewardship. So far, so good: She’s enlisted three new organizations to participate
in HS3 this year.

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