Fox Cities businesses optimistic about 2010

Posted on Feb 3, 2010 :: Insight on Business, Web Exclusive.
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Posted Feb. 3, 2010

Fox Cities
businesses are looking forward to a better 2010, according to an economic
outlook survey released today by the Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce.

Overall, 73
percent of the 200 respondents expect sales to go up, a figure up significantly
from the 41 percent who held that view a year ago. The chamber conducted the
phone survey of 200 member firms, asking about 2009 business performance,
predictions for 2010 and views on economic conditions.

According to the survey, local businesses are anticipating a
significant improvement in employment, sales and profits for the upcoming year
when compared to 2009.

The availability of qualified workers reported in this
year’s survey is greater than 2009 with certain positions in the professional
and technical field already in short supply. The pressure for employers to pay
higher wages to attract and retain employees, however, is minimal given the
plentiful labor pool due to the slow economy and, hence, less demand by business
for additional workforce.

The number of planned capital expansions by Fox Cities’
business is about the same as last year, but down about 25 percent from three
years ago.

With respect to the Fox Cities economy, business is more
upbeat this year than 2009 with 27.5 percent of all respondents forecasting
economic growth and another 69 percent predicting a stabilized local economy.

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details on the survey.

— MaryBeth Matzek