More professionals looking to go mobile

Posted on Apr 30, 2010 :: Insight on Business, Web Exclusive.
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As anyone with a Blackberry
or I-Phone can tell you, mobile devices with web access is not only a blessing,
but a curse.

The upside: Instant access to
your e-mail, the latest news headlines and social media sites such as Twitter,
Facebook and Foursquare. The downside: Everyone knows you have instant access
to your e-mail, the latest news and social media sites. It’s as if you can
never truly get away.

And more people look to be
joining this party. A recent study completed by Clifton Gunderson Technology Solutions,
the tech consulting division of Clifton Gunderson, found that an estimated 1.2
billion people will be carrying mobile devices by the end of 2010. While the
tech firm points out this is great news for businesses since it provides them
with another advertising outlet, I’m not sure how great it is for those of us
with Blackberries, I-Phones and other devices.

Yes, I know I can turn it off
at any time (and I do on the weekends) but once people know they can connect
with you nearly instantly, it’s hard to close that door. Now, I feel like I’m
doing something wrong if I don’t immediately respond to an e-mail, even if it’s
just a quick note so the other person knows I received it. I’m sure I’m not
alone. And how many of us have panicked when we don’t receive an instant
response via e-mail or a direct message on Twitter wondering what the other
person is doing and what could be more important than our message? It’s
definitely a slippery slope we’re walking on and I just hope I don’t slide off

— By MaryBeth Matzek