Survey says: More businesses tapping into social media

Posted on May 4, 2010 :: Insight on Business, Web Exclusive.
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May 4, 2010


A new
survey by Green Bay’s Leonard & Finco Public Relations Inc. hit home when I
read it today.

survey found that 89 percent of journalists in Northeast Wisconsin are using
social media devices such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to track down
sources for stories, look for ideas or share information.

definitely part of that 89 percent. Since longing on to Twitter in January 2009
– that seems so long ago – I have found sources for stories, uncovered an idea
or two and connected with people who led me to other connections and other
story ideas.

for example, is a great way to send out a quick question to hundreds of people,
such as “Do you know someone who did this or that?” It’s a lot easier than
sending out separate e-mails or phone calls to track someone down to see if
they can help.

aren’t the only ones in Northeast Wisconsin who are taking advantage of social
media. The Leonard & Finco survey found that more than 67 percent of
business and community leaders are using social media for work – up from 56
percent a year ago. Area journalists are also using it more – 89 percent use
Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook for work compared to 68 percent a year ago.

while business professionals are using social media to connect with each other,
communicate with clients or follow the news, 41 percent are unsure if social
media is having a positive impact on their business. Thirty-four percent of
respondents say they believe using social media is improving their customer relations
and networking opportunities.

As for
what sites business professionals are visiting, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
were tops. (Journalists, by the way, are more inclined to tap into Facebook or
Twitter before checking out LinkedIn – I’m guessing it’s because we can get an
immediate response.)

While I
have found sources and story ideas through social media, I still have my doubts
about it since keeping up with Facebook friends and Twitter followers does add
to my workload. But it’s too late to go back.

 So how are you using social media in your
business? Are you just dabbling in it or are you fully engaged? Do you think it’s
helped your business at all?

MaryBeth Matzek