Fox Cities Chamber embarks on economic study

Posted on May 27, 2011 :: Insight on Business, Web Exclusive.
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The Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce is working with Garner Economics, an economic development and site strategy firm from Atlanta, Ga., to conduct an in-depth study of the local economy and what the area has to offer as a business location.

During the next few months, business owners will be involved in focus groups as consultants take a detailed look at the local economy, says Shannon Meyer, Fox Cities Chamber’s CEO and president.

“The process will include a deep dive into our local economy and a number of intensive assessments of local economic conditions from the viewpoint of a site location consultant,” she says. “They’ll also compare our local data to conditions and activities in other markets around the country. There will be a lot of opportunity for local input and engagement throughout this process.”

Garner will assess how the Fox Cities measures up to competing markets and identify the types of businesses best suited to succeed in the region. Meyer says Garner will then recommend short- and long-term strategies to sustain and grow a competitive advantage; business recruitment strategies; workforce development recommendations based on industry targets; and compile a Smart Leads by Applied Marketing, which is a list of qualified companies that may have an interest in the area.

“This is an exciting endeavor as we work to make our economy shine,” Meyer says.