WOW Logistics gets a new logo

Posted on Jul 19, 2012 :: Insight on Business, Web Exclusive.
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The new WOW Logistics logo incorporates the company's core strategic business units: warehousing, transportation management and financing. -- Courtesy of WOW Logistics

The only constant is change, and for WOW Logistics of Appleton, that change happened to be a brand new logo. The new look is being unveiled in a step-by-step process during the next few weeks.

“The old logo is twelve years old, and our business has shifted a bit from what it originally was. We felt it just didn’t truly represent what WOW Logistics is,” says Chad Collett, vice president of marketing.

WOW Logistics, a nationally recognized leader in the third-party logistics industry, has been growing for 35 years. Its most recent makeover prior to the new logo was changing the name from Warehousing of Wisconsin to WOW Logistics in 2000. The new logo, like the name change, is felt to better convey WOW’s business units.

“Warehousing, transportation management and financing,” says Collett. “We were looking for a logo that shows movement, not just physical movement, but an innovative and forward-thinking company.”

Collett says they looked at hundreds of designs. When the company went to the strategic marketing firm Element in De Pere, it was given six different concepts and “this one stood out to us right away. We wanted something very different from our current logo,” Collett adds.

The process of integrating the new logo will take time. The company has seven million square feet in 23 different warehouse locations, all spread across three states. The transition will be a slow and steady operation, but Collett is pleased with some of the timing:

“The HR department was actually redesigning our company handbook,” he says. “It worked out brilliantly that the new handbook cover had the new look with the new logo on it. As they rolled out the new policies and procedures, they were able to touch on the new logo as well.”

Last week the website and emails incorporated the new design into an updated look. After the internal changes were made WOW sent out a newsletter featuring the new logo to clients. Business cards, letterheads and forms are the next step. “We’re slowly chipping away at getting the old one out and the new one it,” Collett says. “But the great thing in today’s society is so much of what we do is digital. From the website to the online portal, the transformation for that will be a very fast turn around.”

– Laurel McKenzie