“Zero in Wisconsin” app helps prevent drunk driving

Posted on May 20, 2013 :: Insight on Business, Web Exclusive.
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Advertising agencies Element Creative in De Pere and Staples Marketing in Milwaukee have developed a new mobile application that allows users to steer away from drunk driving. The app, launched by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, is called “Zero in Wisconsin” and offers several tools for a  safe night out:

  • A blood-alcohol monitor: Users of the app can find their approximate blood-alcohol level by entering in key information, such as gender, weight, amount of drinks consumed and how long it took to consume them.
  • A “Drunk-Vision Simulator”: By utilizing the devices’ camera, the user can see how their vision is affected by the alcohol consumed.
  • A “Find a Ride” option: Based upon their location, users can be directed to multiple ride services in the area. Ride services include taxis, safe ride programs and bus routes and schedules.
  • A “Designated Driver Selector”: This feature randomly selects a designated driver from a user’s group in a “spin the dial” game.

This app was created to help curb drunk driving in Wisconsin, which remains a cause of death and injury throughout the state. Downloading this app is free of cost and can be done so on both iTunes and Google Play. Visit http://www.zeroinwisconsin.gov for more information.


–Sean Lyons