Green Bay business offers safe rides for party people

Posted on Dec 31, 2013 :: Insight on Business, Web Exclusive.
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534926_571183996257252_1260096959_nGreen Bay resident Galen Sherbon wasn’t quite sure what he wanted to do when he left the Marine Corps in 2008. Five years and a business degree later, his entrepreneurial spirit is beginning to blossom. Sherbon if the founder of Another Way Entertainment LLC, an alternative transportation company that specializes in shuttling Green Bay bar hoppers on the weekends.

“I had no plans for opening a business right away,” he says. “I actually got into this kind of by accident. I wanted to do something that was towards ending drinking and driving. My first thought was to do something like an alcohol delivery service, but you can’t do that in Wisconsin.”

Despite the setback of his initial idea, which would have kept people at home while drinking, Sherbon hatched another plan when he met a UW-Green Bay student whom was dissatisfied with the University’s bus route.

“They have a free bus pass, but the bus takes a while to get there,” he says. “When I started this, it was supposed to be for the college students at UW-Green Bay, so they could have a transit system.”

After his idea failed to take off with the college administration, Sherbon decided to take another detour with his business model. “They thought it would be a ‘drunk bus,’ he says. “So I decided to turn my service to the public. I would just have a bar route set up, where I would have pick up locations and times.”

Sherbon decided it was time to invest. He bought three retired school buses, refurbished them, and launched his business. He now has two employees, and is training five more. Now, for $10, you can hitch a ride home on one of two buses (One of the buses usually stays back on standby mode in case one of the other buses breaks down.)  The buses circumnavigate downtown Green Bay on weekend nights. After two months of business, Sherbon is pleased with the results.

“I’ve been getting a lot of compliments about it,” he says. “The simple fact is that some of the other (businesses) don’t take you home. They just drop you off at a vehicle and expect you to drive home by yourself. I didn’t I really like that aspect of it. The reason for me doing this is having another way for them to not drink and drive.”

Sherbon now finds himself a busy man. With tonight’s New Year’s Eve festivities comes an expectedly high demand for his services. As his business expands, he is working with bar owners to make sure more of their patrons know of his services.

“I’ve been working with the bar owners, now,” he says. “I’m working with the Tavern League, so hopefully we can try and get this thing rolling.”

–Sean Lyons