Stone Cellar changes name to Stone Arch Brewpub

New name unifies brand with its locally produced beers

Posted by of Insight Publications

One of Appleton’s stalwart brewpubs now has a new name.

Stone Cellar Brewpub announced Monday it was changing its name to Stone Arch Brewpub, unifying both its restaurant and brewing operations under the same brand name.

“We’ve been aiming to make our name and our beverage lines more consistent and more easily recognizable,” says Steve Lonsway, co-owner of the brewpub and brewery with his father, Tom. “This should eliminate any confusion between the two and give us a stronger identity. ‘Stone Arch’ identifies with our historic building and provides a sort of ‘over-arching’ identity for all our food and beverage offerings.”

The Lonsways have operated Stone Arch since 2004. Both the restaurant and brewery are located in the historic Between-the-Locks building along the Fox River in Appleton. The duo began commercial production of their craft brews in 2012 and introduced the Stone Arch Brew House name, driven by the fact the “Stone Cellar” trademark was already reserved. Beer from Stone Arch is available in more than 100 restaurants, bars and retail outlets.

The Lonsways and Stone Arch were featured in the March 2015 issue of Insight detailing the rise of craft brewers in Northeast Wisconsin.

The name unification also applies the the event space the Lonsways opened at Riverview Gardens, now known as Stone Arch at Riverview Gardens. Located just one block from the Stone Arch Brewpub and overlooking the Fox River, this event space enables Stone Arch to serve groups of up to 200 people and host live music on Wednesday nights.