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4 Benefits of Online Enrollment for Health Insurance

Posted on Mar 31, 2017 :: Guest Insights
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If it seems strange that your company is still pushing papers around in order to get all your employees enrolled in health insurance, you’re right to feel that way. There’s a better, more-efficient approach.

Modern consumers have come to expect an intuitive online experience for just about everything, from ordering a pizza to managing their investments. So why should the world of health insurance be any different?

Here’s a look at four specific benefits to online health insurance enrollment…

1. Easy for Employees to Sign Up

Enrolling in an employer-provided health insurance plan gets easier when you can log on to a well-designed website, pick the right plan, and fill out all the necessary information. Online enrollment can simplify the process, reducing headaches and hassles for everyone.

Most employees have become familiar with using the web for various transactions. For workers who aren’t comfortable signing up for health insurance online, good support from your carrier’s customer service team is a must.

2. Avoids Human Error

Both human resources and employees can become frustrated when an individual accidentally signs up for the wrong coverage. It creates a major hassle for everyone involved and could mean an employee’s family isn’t getting the coverage they need.

Online enrollment programs drastically reduce the risk of human error by preloading employee data into the system, which makes information easily transferable.

3. Saves Time

Fewer mistakes will mean your HR department spends less time fixing things. Digitizing the process through online enrollment cuts down on paperwork, too.

When HR managers spend less time on busywork connected to health insurance enrollment, it means the department will have more time to improve employee retention, recruit top talent, and create a more engaging workplace culture.

4. Managed with an Online Dashboard

Among the other ways online features make life easier for human resources is the method for handling your company’s health insurance internally. In addition to online enrollment, a carrier’s program should include a backend where all the details can be easily managed.

Offering a user-friendly online enrollment experience will streamline the process of managing health benefits for employers and employees.

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Eric Twerberg joined Security Health Plan in 2010, where he oversees sales leadership of the Plan. Along with a strong sales background, Eric has more than 20 years of experience related to employee benefits. He can be reached at [email protected]