Oshkosh Common Council approves sale of golf course land

Site pitched as new HQ for Oshkosh Corp.

Jessica Thiel
Posted by of Insight Publications

The Oshkosh Common Council unanimously approved a proposal to sell up to 35 acres of Lakeshore Golf Course to Oshkosh Corp. for its new headquarters.

Under the plan, the city would sell around one-third of the publicly owned land to the company for $3.5 million as well as providing $13 million in tax incentives and infrastructure funding. The proposal now goes to Oshkosh Corp. for consideration.

The Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce and Greater Oshkosh Economic Development Corp. joined forces to form Project Oshkosh, a collaborative initiative dedicated to growing and improving the Oshkosh economy.

The Oshkosh Chamber released a statement applauding the council’s affirmative vote. “This was an extremely important vote by the City Council and moves us closer to securing one of only nine (9) Fortune 500 companies left in Wisconsin,” Jon Doemel, chairman of the board of the Oshkosh Chamber, said in a press release.

The complete proposal can be viewed here.