Oshkosh Corp. board approves building global headquarters in Oshkosh

Posted on Nov 22, 2017 :: Insight on Business, Web Exclusive
Margaret LeBrun
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The economy of the New North region has a lot to be thankful for, in light of the good news shared by Oshkosh Corp. on the eve of Thanksgiving Day.

Oshkosh Corp. CEO Wilson Jones announced the company’s board of directors approved a proposal to build the company’s new global headquarters in the city of Oshkosh.

“Over the past several months, Oshkosh Corp. has been investigating locations for a new global headquarters — one that would help drive the company’s people-first culture, allow us to operate more efficiently continue to attract and retain top talent and allow us to remain a key contributor in the community,” Jones said in a video message the company posted for its employees on Twitter.

“I’m very excited to share some information coming off the heels of this week’s board of director’s meeting,” Jones said. “Our proposal to build a new global headquarters in the city of Oshkosh, on the Lakeshore property, was approved unanimously by our board members.”

To see the video, click here.

“This is great news not only for Oshkosh but for the entire region, the state — they mean so much to our economy,” said Rob Kleman, senior vice president of economic development for the Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce.

“When you’re looking at the supply chain, we’re talking 145 local companies, and more than $150 million going into the local economy each year; it really is a huge ripple effect,” Kleman said. “The impact of the company being in the community goes beyond even a payroll perspective — they donate more than $1.8 million to local charities and they give back in so many ways. It’s certainly something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, that’s for sure!”

Oshkosh Corp. employs more than 15,000 worldwide, including more than 6,600 in the Fox Valley. The $6.3 billion company celebrated 100 years in business this year.

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Jones also said in the video: “I recognize the many unknowns were uneasy for our Oshkosh team members and the community. While we would have liked to share more information, the ongoing negotiations with several potential locations prevented us from providing those details. I thank you for your patience and continued support throughout this process.

“On behalf of the Oshkosh Corporation leadership team I can say we are thrilled to start our next 100 years in Oshkosh. This is where we wanted to be, and where we should be. We are committed to making our continued presence in the city of Oshkosh a win for our team members, the community, our shareholders, our customers, our suppliers and all those who are impacted by the work we do and the services we provide.

“I’d like to thank the Oshkosh City Council for supporting an offer for our global headquarters location that meets the objectives of both Oshkosh Corporation and the community of Oshkosh. I’d also like to thank the city of Oshkosh staff, the Greater Oshkosh Economic Development Corporation, the Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce, the Oshkosh School Board and the hundreds of business leaders and community members that have supported us throughout this process.

“Finally, I’d like to thank the Oshkosh Corporation team members, including our board, for recognizing this need and supporting efforts to make it a reality. Our unwavering purpose is to make a difference in the lives of others. Together, we will continue to build an economically stable, safe and vibrant community.”


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