10 New Year’s Resolutions Every Young Professional Should Make in 2018

Julia Flaherty
Posted by of Insight Publications


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As a young professional, the thought of keeping your New Year’s resolutions can be pressure-some, but by practicing patience and professional mindfulness you will be well on your way to moving forward with your career aspirations in 2018. Start by making simple, achievable goals for yourself …

  1. Join a local young professionals group

    In the New North region of Wisconsin, there are a slew of young professionals’ groups to join. Whether it’s Pulse Fox Cities, Current Green Bay, or Propel Oshkosh, you are sure to find one close by to be welcomed into. Expand your network and broaden your professional perspectives.

  2. Make a 5-year plan

    Writing it down is the first step, and be flexible about your plan going into it, as they can change. Let the five-year plan you develop on paper or digitally act as a framework for your future goals more than anything.

  3. Ask more questions

    Get outside of your own head and laptop. Not everything is learned via Google, shocking, we know, but you can learn a lot from your seasoned colleagues by their experiences versus what someone writes on the internet. Though some articles, like this one, may provide helpful guidance as a starting point, do not limit yourself to your laptop. Communicate. Create conversations with objectives to learn and improve your professionalism.

  4. Make time for digital detoxes

    Step away from your phones and laptops for your own sanity. Life exists outside of the Web — enjoy it. Get out in nature and let the elements sooth your anxieties and stressors. Nature is proven relief.

  5. Write down your goals weekly or bi-monthly12.11.17 Photo 2

    This is a great way to keep yourself in check as a young professional, whether you keep a written agenda or digital list of notes. Setting short-term goals and achieving them helps you reach your long-term goals overall. See every ounce of progress as contributions to the bigger picture, and value mistakes as opportunities to learn.

  6. Upkeep your skills

    Don’t be shy to learn more, ever. There is always room for you to grow as a professional, whether you are seasoned in your career or entry-level. Take opportunities over the holidays to read the latest research and trends within your field. Subscribe to relevant newsletters throughout the year. Be proactive with your knowledge.

  7. Make personal time

    As a young professional it is important to make a name for yourself within your field, or strive towards doing so, but make sure you also make time for your personal life. The relationships you have in and outside of work are very important for your overall emotional health. Be well in balancing your time. Enjoy your professional and personal moments wholeheartedly.

  8. Listen to what inspires you, be it podcasts or music

    If your workplace allows it, listen to music or a podcast that inspires you while you work to keep your flow going. Do so outside of work to maintain that inspiration or increase it. Look for new inspiration in the new year. Break out of your routine to be challenged and uplifted.

  9. Do not let other people’s definition of success define you

    This is extremely important to realize early on rather than later. You are an individual whose success cannot be dependent on or reflective of another person’s success. Your success must be your own in order for you to find personal and professional content. Find happiness and acceptance with your professional and personal self. Be proud of your accomplishments, large or small. Be patient with the process of moving up in your career. Enjoy the slowness or fastness of it.

  10. Move to the next level of your career

    This does not necessarily mean moving on to a new place, but perhaps increasing your level of responsibility within your company. Strive towards that promotion you have been working for all year more seriously in the New Year. Make efforts to advance and progress as you wish. Be the professional you want to be.