5 Tips for YPs to Succeed in Broadcast in the New North

Julia Flaherty
Posted by of Insight Publications

The broadcasting industry in the New North region of Wisconsin offers opportunities for young professionals to thrive and grow within their careers. What’s the best way to get there? As an aspiring YP broadcaster, you can use these simple tips to fuel your passion and make the future you envision working in broadcast in the New North, a reality.

10.23.17 - Pic 1, Courtesy of Jacqui Lange

Intern Before You Graduate

“The best way to meet people in the field is to get out into the field yourself,” says Jacqui Lange, WFRV Local 5 Live Director.

Lange has been working in broadcast for almost five years since graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point with a degree in communication in 2013. Her list of daily responsibilities includes a large variety. She works on a Green Bay-based morning talk show, then goes on location to film pre-taped segments with clients, edits segments and archives videos for the station. Lange wears many hats in her role at Local 5 Live.

The best way for a young professional with career aspirations like Lange to get involved in broadcast in the New North, she says, is to start on the right foot and be confident.

“Make getting an internship a top priority during your education,” Lange says. “Not only will you meet with people, but you will have the confidence to jump into a job right away. Confidence and connections will make the difference.”

Lange stresses the importance of using college as a trial run for one’s career.

“Always complete every project and work in every team as if you were getting paid to do so,” Lange says. “It will help you build a stronger resume and therefore be a stronger candidate in the job market, post-college.

Earn Your Spot10.23.17 - Pic 2, Courtesy of Jacqui Lange

Though young professionals just exiting the higher education system may enter the workforce with fresher software or i-skills than that of seasoned employees, it’s important for YPs to remember they must earn higher level positions. No one job, whatever your field, will have you starting out on top. You have to work to get there, and you must appreciate the process. Value it as an opportunity to learn and grow within your field, but also self-develop.

“Have a good attitude,” Lange says. “It goes such a long way, and it will make your journey better. You really have to put in your dues when you’re starting out.”

Lange emphasizes the importance of learning from tedious tasks and “grunt work.” The benefits of smaller responsibility will enable larger opportunity for YP broadcasters in the New North.

Pay Your Dues

“Appreciate all the work that goes into the industry, and you’ll make yourself an asset as you continue in your career,” Lange says.

Being aware that you are paying your dues as a young professional will enable your success for the future. You will better be able to learn, grow, and self-develop as a result of achieving this level of self-awareness. Being grateful for paying your dues will come with experience and development of career-minded emotional intelligence.

No one expects you to be perfect at your job, whatever level of employment you fall into. You are human. You set your own expectations and adjust them according to time and experience. Adjusting expectations will be of major benefit to your career-level emotional intelligence. This does not mean dismissing past goals; it means changing them according to what you need and what others need of you in the present. Believe in yourself and maintain your confidence as you go through entry-level roles. Everyone starts somewhere. Be passionate, but patient.

Be Passionate

10.23.17 - Pic 3, Courtesy of Jacqui Lange“When you have a passion for this field, it really shows,” Lange says. “You can spend five minutes with someone and immediately tell whether they’re enjoying their career or simply doing their job.”

Though Lange’s advice is applicable to many fields in the New North, it is especially relevant for YP broadcasters, because the ability to be passionate about small tasks will get them far in the field.

“Someone who is passionate about even a small aspect of this field will have drive, and they will go so much farther than someone who is working in broadcast ‘just because’,” Lange says.

Passion is a progressive trait cemented on the belief in oneself. When you believe in yourself as a young professional while maintaining passion and respect for the process and workforce structure, you will continue to move forward towards reaching your career goals.

Be Flexible

Flexibility is a valuable asset for employers. It’s a reflection of an employee’s ability to adapt and embrace change. The more you are able to take on new challenges, the more potential you have to earn new opportunities for growth and responsibility.

“Flexibility is huge,” Lange says. “Every business is a team effort, but in broadcast it is doubly more so. You need to be able to be there for your team, not just your managers, and you have to be available and ready for whatever they need you to do.”

Whether this means working long hours, being on call, filling in last minute, or adding more tasks to your workload during the day, YP broadcasters will succeed based on their ability to adapt in the New North. Adaptation is another essential progressive trait that enables personal and company growth in one’s career. Embrace opportunities for movement as they come.