FVTC nursing grads rank No. 1 in the nation

FVTC students outscore Wisconsin counterparts on national exam

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Benchmark testing results show Fox Valley Technical College associate degree nursing and licensed practical nursing students rank No. 1 in the nation.

Nursing student graduates must take the National Council Licensure Examination, and FVTC nursing grads posted impressive results.

The college’s ADN graduates ranked No. 1 out of:

  • 37 two- and four-year nursing programs in Wisconsin
  • 1,079 ADN programs nationwide
  • 1,899 two- and four-year nursing programs nationwide

The college’s LPN graduates ranked No. 1 out of:

  • 19 LPN programs in Wisconsin
  • 883 LPN programs nationwide

“I think to know that you’ve done the best in the country is pretty mind-blowing,” says Carrie Thompson, associate dean of the health division at FVTC. “That’s some pretty powerful stuff.”

Thompson says with its focus on retention, the college works to set nursing students on the right path from the beginning. Access to resources such as its Teaching & Learning Center, which provides assistance and tutoring, means students come into the program ready to succeed.

Thompson credits much of the success to the college’s nursing instructors, who she says spend a lot of time on program design and curriculum. In addition, students’ lab classes provide hands-on learning and a chance to work with the school’s simulators. These expose students to real-life scenarios and variables.

FVTC’s nursing program is vital to the region, Thompson says. Students typically are from the area and stay in the area, she says, and it means a lot to communities to have that high level of care available.

“I think that it really speaks volumes for our nursing program,” Thompson says. “We’ve always had a great reputation in our community. You really can’t go anywhere without running into a Fox Valley Tech grad.”