Which UCaaS Features and Capabilities are Right for Your Business?

Posted on Feb 1, 2018 :: Guest Insights.
Libby Vaughn
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Unified Communications is a software that combines varied communication functions — voice, chat, video, etc. — into a single stream. And when I say Unified Communications as a Service or UCaaS, it means the communication software is implemented, managed, maintained and serviced by someone outside of your organization. This means all you do is use the service, without having to deal with its inner workings. UCaaS is making business communication much more streamlined, efficient and seamless. Because its feature rich software brings new communication capabilities to organizations, I’ve broken down 10 of the most helpful and popular UCaaS features in this infographic. Do any particular features stand out to you? Here are the features and capabilities our customers get the most excited about.

020118 Insights Magazine - UCaaS InfographicSimultaneous ring (or twinning) helps to simplify contact information because each employee can have just one number that reaches them. It can ring on their desk phone, mobile phone and softphone.

Voicemail to email

Just about everyone I know dislikes listening to voicemails. Depending on your current system, it can be a slow process. But voicemail to text lets you read your voicemails, which allows for quick skimming and/or multitasking, and you can check them in whatever order you choose.

Auto attendant

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