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Posted on Sep 28, 2018 :: Guest Insights
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Healthy employees are more likely to be happy employees, creating a more pleasant and less stressful working environment. On top of that, a study found that healthy and happy employees are 12 percent more productive than their unhappy peers.

Employers want a plan that offers the ideal blend of coverage, value and flexibility for their employees. But you should also consider: Does this insurance plan proactively keep my team healthy?

Proactive health care benefits differ from plan-to-plan, but here are five of the most common:

1. Company wellness programs – Plan-sponsored wellness programs are a great way to advance a sense of community and co-worker support in your workplace. A program can include wellness classes, friendly competitions and access to wellness centers.

2. Active and healthy lifestyle rewards – “Live your best life.” You see this mantra on social media, television and advertisements, but it’s easier said than done. Look for a plan that outlines attainable health goals and offers rewards when a goal is met. Studies consistently find that of U.S. adults, up to 96 percent would actively try to improve their health if they were rewarded.

3. Specialized programs for weight loss, smoking and more – Find out if the insurance plan in question offers specialized diet and exercise plans or support for those trying to kick a smoking habit.

4. Better care coordination – A trusted health plan can help your employees remain healthy and craft the lifestyle they’ve always wanted by identifying care gaps and wellness opportunities. This not only helps them treat and recover from health issues, but also motivates employees to take proactive measures in maintaining good health.

5. Preventive care – Many insurance plans offer an annual physical with no deductible or copay, but what about mammograms, colorectal exams or flu shots? These services save lives and they save far more lives when included and promoted by a health insurance plan.

Talk to your insurance agent today about a plan truly centered around you and your team – one that invokes a collaborative effort of clinicians, hospitals and health plan and leads to higher quality and greater value for your employees.


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Jim Nelson is the Director of Sales with Prevea360, a Green Bay-based coordinated care provider serving the communities of eastern Wisconsin with business group health insurance for employers of all sizes. He can be reached at [email protected]

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