New North launches Digital Transformation Marketplace  

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New North Inc., in collaboration with Advancing AI Wisconsin, has launched the Digital Transformation Marketplace.

The marketplace will help Wisconsin companies preparing for the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and other disruptive technologies to connect with local technology and consulting services to assist them on their journey.

The Digital Transformation Marketplace is built on the same platform developed by New North for the state’s Wisconsin Supply Chain Marketplace, which organizes other verticals such as Wisconsin Defense Suppliers or interested Wisconsin Foxconn Suppliers, designed to make sourcing of Wisconsin companies easier.

“We have seen a significant uptick in activity since we have launched the Foxconn Supply Chain marketplace on our platform. We believe this will be another big push as the question, ‘How can I get ready for AI?’ is on many business leaders’ minds,” says Connie Loden, senior project manager at New North Inc. “With this addition to the Wisconsin Supply Chain Marketplace, we continue to expand the platform as the ‘go-to’ sourcing tool for our robust supplier network in the state.”

The Wisconsin Supply Chain Marketplace offers dynamically searchable, industry-specific, integrated directories, along with an outreaching Request for Proposal tool that automatically notifies suppliers when there is an RFP that fits their type of business – helping to facilitate business-to-business connections for Wisconsin businesses.

Oliver Buechse, co-founder and executive director of Advancing AI Wisconsin, says the tool will help businesses connect quickly. “To succeed in this era of digital disruption, we need to create avenues of collaboration in Wisconsin. Connecting local buyers and local suppliers is a powerful way of doing just that and we appreciate the great teamwork with New North in creating this directory in record time,” he says.

Click here to visit the Digital Transformation Marketplace.