Pierce Manufacturing opens new training center

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An inspirational wall in the new Pierce Manufacturing Training Center in Appleton.

Pierce Manufacturing Inc. opened a newly expanded, cutting-edge facility on American Drive in Appleton. A division of Oshkosh Corp., Pierce makes equipment for the fire service industry.

The Pierce Training Center is designed to support continued investments in production process efficiencies, technology advancements, product innovation and quality control. The center will not only be a place were new team members are introduced to Pierce’s people-first culture and learn critical on-the-job skills, but also provide space for current team members to participate in sessions to strengthen their skills and become more efficient in their existing job or to develop skills that will support career advancement.

“Pierce has not been immune to the labor shortage many manufacturers across the United States have faced in recent years,” Pierce Manufacturing President Jim Johnson said in a release. “We know how important it is to support new and tenured team members in order to provide the best workplace experience and ultimately produce the highest-quality apparatus. We’ve seen first-hand how beneficial a robust training program can be for our overall efficiency, employee acquisition and retention rates.”

Originally established nearly two decades ago, Pierce’s training programs have evolved into a curriculum created and facilitated by product platform and technology experts. The company measures the success of its training initiatives with competency quizzes given at the beginning and end of each training course.

Company retirees also dedicate time to pass important knowledge on to younger generations.