Sheboygan County begins innovation hub study

Posted on Jul 31, 2019 :: Insight on Business, Web Exclusive.
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A group of stakeholders has launched a feasibility study around a community-wide innovation hub in the FreshTech Innovation District just south of downtown Sheboygan. The Sheboygan County Economic Development Corp., Lakeshore Technical College and Lakeland University have come together to support the initiative.

The hub, which would be called Innovate2 and is similar to one being launched in Milwaukee, would combine university and college students, business leaders, entrepreneurs and other kinds of innovators through a progression of programs designed to help participants work together in ways they might not be able to otherwise. Signature elements include Human Innovation Training, collaborative laboratories and student-run businesses.

This Innovation Hub is one of a series of studies and initiatives launched under the FreshTech brand to create engaging, original programming to both unlock and connect the creatives, makers, originals, entrepreneurs, senior business leaders and investors in Sheboygan County, SCEDC Chair Gary Dulmes said.

“The mission of FreshTech is to provide programming and coordination to invigorate our local innovation ecosystem,” he said. “By partnering with an individual who has run such hubs, Lakeshore Technical College, Lakeland University and employers, we know we can create a vibrant exchange of ideas, business challenges and technology that attracts talent.”

The study will take two to three months and focus on understanding the specific talent retention and attraction, new product development and other needs of the community, building on the feedback received during the FreshTech Innovation district’s development.