Jewelers Mutual ads garner attention

Posted on Jan 22, 2020 :: Insight on Business, Web Exclusive
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Neenah’s Jewelers Mutual Insurance Co. is catching national attention for its latest ad campaign, “Jewelry Obsessed.”

The campaign seeks to share consumers’ love for jewelry, showcase the emotion jewelry evokes and bring awareness to the 107-year history of insuring jewelry. The premise of the campaign came from consumer focus group feedback, said Ken Murray, vice president of digital at Jewelers Mutual.

“Not surprisingly, our research shows that most consumers are obsessed with their jewelry because of the emotional events that their pieces represent, such as marriage, a special trip or a promotion,” he said. “But we also found that many jewelry wearers are not aware that personal jewelry insurance exists, or that their homeowners or renters’ policies typically do not provide effective coverage.”

The campaign, which was developed with Laughlin Constable of Chicago, has been written about in national advertising publications, including Ad Week.

“With this campaign, we are, in a fun, whimsical and relatable way, sharing consumers’ obsession with jewelry, because insuring jewelry is all we do,” Murray said.

Click here to see one of the videos that feature “Sarah,” who is clearly obsessed with her engagement ring.