Boldt building prefabricated modules for COVID-19 patients

Posted on Apr 3, 2020 :: Insight on Business, Web Exclusive
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This illustration shows how the mods could be located outside of a hospital or another building.

Boldt Co. will construct a prefabricated modular solution designed by HGA, a national multidisciplinary design firm, to house COVID-19 patients.

Called the STAAT Mod (Strategic, Temporary, Acuity-Adaptable Treatment), the modular can be deployed in diverse environments from convention centers to freestanding hospital expansions.

HGA and Boldt Co. partnered with Tweet/Garot, Faith Technologies and IMEG to provide the STAAT Mod solution that can be configured for the following applications:

  • A two-room isolation unit designed for use in an interior shelter, such as in a convention center.
  • An eight-bed unit of critical care isolation rooms consisting of four two-bed modules designed to connect to a hospital or existing structure.
  • A 12-bed unit of negative-pressure open-bays consisting of four three-bed open bays modules connected to the central support spine. An unlimited number of additional self-sustaining tiers can be added.

Multiple independent modules can connect to one another or to a hospital with segregated spaces for patient care and health care workers. The units allow additional capacity to be added or redeployed to sites where the need is greater.

Headquartered in Appleton, Boldt builds hospitals and clinics nationwide, and its teams have prefabricated elements of customized construction and are now employing that knowledge to create self-contained modules.

“Building in a controlled environment allows us to set and achieve aggressive production schedules that improve quality for the end user and maintain safety for our team members,” said Dave Kievet, Boldt’s chief operating officer.