Carnivore Meat using sterilization machine to disinfect masks

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Carnivore Meat Co. in Green Bay is donating the use of its ultraviolet sterilization machine to sanitize and disinfect personal protective equipment for front-line medical and public service workers throughout Northeast Wisconsin.

A single mask may be sterilized up to five times through the UV machine. If the machine runs at full capacity, it could clean up to 1.4 million masks per week. The sterilization machine also lessens the need for new masks and could result in cost savings of $2 million per week.

The UV sterilization machine was transferred to a designated site for setup, training and testing in preparation to become a fully operational PPE sterilization facility. On March 29, the facility became the first-known fully operational, in-line UV PPE sterilizing operation in the United States.

“All this was accomplished in less than a week,” said CEO Lanny Viegut. “It was quite an effort, and the end results are amazing. The UV machine did its job, resulting in masks that are sanitized and ready for use by health care and first responders.”

Carnivore is the manufacturer of raw pet food brands Vital Essentials and Vital Cat.

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