Fit Oshkosh closes doors

Posted on Apr 27, 2020 :: Insight on Business, Web Exclusive
Jessica Thiel
Posted by of Insight Publications

Fit Oshkosh co-founder and Executive Director Tracey Robertson announced in an open letter that she and the organization’s board had decided to dissolve the Oshkosh-based nonprofit, which for nearly six years did race equity and justice work in the community.

“Race equity work can often have a short shelf life, specifically for people of color for whom the work is very personal,” Robertson said in the letter. “Racial fatigue is real, and the weight of it has forced me to prioritize and preserve myself.”

Fit Oshkosh was known for its Color Brave Conversations program. It also provided racial literacy education and training for employers and other organizations.

Robertson said in a post on the organization’s Facebook page that she is taking on some consulting projects not related to race and that she has a new opportunity that has “invigorated” her. She encouraged those interested to follow her LinkedIn and Instagram pages for updates.

Marijke van Roojen, Robertson’s co-facilitator, will continue to provide racial literacy training and facilitation through her consulting company, Common Talks: Mediation and Facilitation Services.

“Fit Oshkosh has left a legacy that I hope will allow you to pick up the mantle to disrupt racism in all the places that you occupy,” Robertson said.