Five startups part of gBETA’s area program

Posted on Apr 10, 2020 :: Insight on Business, Web Exclusive
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Startup accelerator gener8tor announced the five startups taking part in the latest gBETA Northeast Wisconsin program, which began March 12.

The free seven-week program provides companies access to mentors, customers, corporate partners and investors. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the spring gBETA program is entirely virtual.

The participating businesses include:

Future State: Co-founded by CEO Adam Hardy, Future State offers a platform for health care, education and the public sector to share, integrate, analyze and take action on data collaboratively.

KBD Oil: Founded by Kelly Baier, KBD Oil handcrafts luxury farm-to-product topical CBD products that alleviate pain and elevate mood. KBD Oil’s initial product offerings include two unique, oil-based fragrances and a potent body salve, which are sold in boutique retail shops and directly to the consumer via an e-commerce platform. Co-founded by CEO Andrew Schmitz, is a visual knowledge sharing app for small and medium businesses. users crowdsource, manage and distribute onboarding experiences, standard operating procedures and training materials using photos and videos to pass along organizational knowledge efficiently.

Roving Blue: Founded by Yana DeMyer, Roving Blue products and components harness electrolytic ozone, which dissolves in water, is more powerful than chlorine, quickly reverts to oxygen and leaves no chemical residue. These attributes make it an ecofriendly and sustainable sanitizing solution for multiple market verticals.

Vertbase: Founded by Justin Seidl, Green Bay-based Vertbase is a blockchain-built exchange for buying and selling digital assets, available in 117 countries. Vertbase’s offering supports the exchange of cryptocurrencies but is expanding to include a platform for the exchange of intellectual property and providing transparency, time-efficient management and accurate reporting for all use cases.