Faith affiliate focuses on providing sustainable energy options

Posted on Jul 10, 2020 :: Insight on Manufacturing, Web Exclusive.
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Faith Technologies in Menasha has spun off an affiliate, EnTech Solutions.

EnTech Solutions develops distributed energy technology and capabilities that provide organizations with sustainable, optimized energy. As more businesses become interested in operating on independent, clean and reliable energy, EnTech can work with them to develop and provide clean energy solutions.

“Our mission is to provide a sustainable energy future,” said Scott Romenesko, president of EnTech Solutions. “No one in the industry is offering what EnTech Solutions offers — we’re doing more than just installing microgrids, we’re giving our customers a way to control their destiny by controlling their energy costs while building in capabilities for technology advancement in the future.”

EnTech Solutions’ configurable, modular, standardized renewable energy solutions can be used independently or linked together. Some of the firm’s offerings include power controls hardware, energy and management systems, microgrid technologies, renewable energy incentive guidance and renewable fuels.