Boost Technology gets funding from TitletownTech

Posted on Sep 15, 2020 :: Insight on Business, Web Exclusive
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TitletownTech is investing in Boost Technology Inc., an early-stage tech company that brings machine learning and data analytics to college sports.

Boost uses artificial intelligence and computer vision to capture, analyze and explain complex data. The platform enables powerful data storytelling and customized insights that were previously limited to elite professional organizations with in-house data scientists. Its proprietary technology enables coaches to answer difficult questions, uncover trends and opportunities, and make critical decisions about strategy and personnel.

“With the ever-changing landscape in sports, technology that can create efficient data channels for coaches and teams will be even more important. Boost is positioned to become a significant asset for coaches, conferences and leagues,” said Cordero Barkley, a partner at TitletownTech, a TV/Radio sportscaster and a former Division I basketball player.

One of Boost’s top priorities is to explain complex data. The platform connects machine learning insights to game footage and translates statistical models into written summaries and data visualizations. Boost changes the way coaches consume video and data, bridging the gap between PhDs who generate the models and coaches who use the insights, said Mustafa Abdul-Hamid, the company’s co-founder and CEO.

“Team is everything, and for Boost, that includes our investors and early partners. It’s rare to see a Black founder and VC partner come together to build a tech partnership. Our team is mission-aligned, and I’m excited about our future,” he said.

Abdul-Hamid founded Boost with Inga Nakhmanson in 2016.