TitletownTech invests in synthetic data company

Posted on Oct 20, 2020 :: Insight on Business, Web Exclusive
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TitletownTech is investing in Synthetaic, a Delafield, Wis.-based synthetic data company growing high-quality data to unlock formerly impossible artificial intelligence.

AI’s potential to revolutionize industries, products and lives everywhere is undeniable, but data constraints have previously prevented crucial applications of the technology. The sheer amount of data necessary to create valuable, reliable AI models is massive, and in many cases, datasets are private, incomplete or sparse.

To solve this problem, Synthetaic combines high-fidelity 3D modeling and novel, generative AI, to grow large and high-quality datasets sufficient for machine learning. Synthetaic can produce high-quality training data even if there is no starter sample at all.

“Reducing the blind spots created by sensitive or less available data is critical to advancing robust AI models,” said Jill Enos, managing director at TitletownTech.

Synthetaic also supervises the subsequent training and deployment of ultra-high accuracy AI models, which outperform models generated using a traditional approach. Synthetaic founder and CEO Corey Jaskolski has an extensive background in AI, sensors and computer science.

Since 2012, Jaskolski has been a National Geographic Fellow, creating new technologies for missions across all seven continents. In late September, Jaskolski was named the 2020 Rolex National Geographic Explorer of the Year, a prestigious award granted on the basis of “personifying leadership in exploration and storytelling.”

“TitletownTech’s commitment to innovative, high-growth companies has made them the ideal investor for Synthetaic, particularly as we deepen our connections with existing customers and expand to new partnerships,” Jaskolski said. “Most of all, we’re grateful that in TitletownTech we have a partner who shares in our vision of a world in which edge cases no longer exist and breakthrough discoveries are commonplace.”