Georgia-Pacific to cease using coal at Broadway mill

Jessica Thiel
Posted by of Insight Publications

After using coal for more than 100 years, Georgia-Pacific will shut down the last coal-fired boiler at its Green Bay Broadway mill on Dec. 28. This follows the installation earlier this year of a second natural gas boiler at the facility, which became fully operational in September.

GP invested nearly $27 million to purchase and install the boiler, which produces steam for process use and power generation at the mill. The mill’s first natural gas boiler was installed in 2015, which replaced the facility’s largest coal-fired boiler, helping the mill reduce air emissions, meet future regulations and modernize its assets.

Before the natural gas boilers were installed at the facility, it historically used approximately 234,000 tons of coal and 110,000 tons of petroleum coke each year. Any coal remaining after the coal-fired boiler is shut down next week will be sold.

After the first natural gas boiler started up in late 2015, the mill’s emissions of sulfur dioxide dropped by nearly 80 percent and nitrous oxide dropped by 67 percent compared to 2013 levels.

“With the addition of the second boiler and elimination of coal, our facility’s SO2 emissions will be reduced to near zero and NOx will be reduced by 90 percent,” said Tim Ellsworth, vice president of manufacturing for GP’s Green Bay operations.

Over the next two years, GP also is scheduled to spend more than $14 million to take down and remove coal-handling systems, coal boilers and other obsolete equipment and buildings. The most visible change was the 2019 removal of one of the mill’s two 400-foot-tall stacks, which has changed the silhouette of the property. The second stack is scheduled to be removed during 2021.