E-recycling and data destruction: Look for a partner, not just a disposal service

Posted on Apr 24, 2021 :: Guest Insights.
Posted by By Chad Hayes

Today, with so much business conducted online, information and privacy are common topics in the news and conversation. When it’s time to upgrade or dispose of mobile phones, computers, and other electronic devices, it’s critical to understand what will happen to the materials and information contained within them at their end of life.

Organizations looking to dispose of electronics that may contain sensitive data often struggle to find a service provider that can properly handle disposal without any security risk or negative environmental impact. Finding a company that focuses on basic data destruction is a start, but it’s far preferable to work with a partner who can properly manage all aspects of data destruction and “e-waste” recycling and disposal.

A trusted electronics recycler should have certifications showing they follow these standards of quality: ISO9001, 14001, 18000, R2 and Green Tier. These indicate that they’re actually doing everything they claim they’ll do. However, there’s more to providing quality service, data security, and environmental stewardship than holding a few certifications.

Due to the complexity of IT devices, components and related equipment, electronics recycling has many facets, so it’s important to understand a provider’s recycling process and approach as much as possible. Visiting their facility and reviewing their processes is a good starting point to determining if they’re a proper fit.

A quality provider should meet with their customers to develop a custom solution based on their needs. During this initial meeting, they should assess not only what needs to be destroyed and recycled, but also what can be remarketed, repurposed or refurbished. This helps customers understand the value of their materials and what return they might expect.

When it comes to data destruction, every situation is different. That’s why a partnership is so important. For instance, some companies are satisfied with a single certificate of destruction for an entire load of equipment, while others might need documentation and photographic evidence for every device that’s destroyed.

Another example is when an organization is looking to purchase new equipment. An expert partner will have the industry expertise needed to recommend which equipment may have a higher recycling value in the future. Although markets can change unexpectedly, having a thorough knowledge of e-recycling can provide a significant advantage during the budgeting and purchasing process.

A true provider/partner should holistically analyze the organization’s long-term equipment needs and provide detailed reports on all purchased equipment, including purchase prices, on-hand inventory and more. They should track all equipment information at all times to help their customers make better equipment buying and disposition decisions moving forward. Ultimately, their goal should be to help their customer’s organization succeed and be continuously looking for areas to improve.

The next time you or your organization needs to buy new electronic equipment or dispose of obsolete devices and components, consider what will inevitably happen to the data and materials they contain. There’s almost always some value in old equipment and ways to maximize the future recycling return on new equipment. Simply throwing electronic devices and components in the trash is not an option.

Contact a certified provider and begin an e-recycling and data destruction partnership today.


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Chad Hayes
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Chad Hayes is the chief technology officer and director of e-recycling at Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction. He joined Sadoff Iron and Metal in 2015, and oversees the strategic planning and implementation of IT. With his extensive 20-plus years of IT and business leadership experience and a passion for data security, he was the perfect choice to establish, build and lead the Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction Company, a company of Sadoff Iron and Metal. He can be reached at [email protected]


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