Former Kewaunee nuclear plant gets new owner

Posted on May 13, 2021 :: Insight on Business, Web Exclusive.
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A Salt Lake City-based company has purchased the former Kewaunee Power Station nuclear energy plant with the goal of decommissioning the site within the next 10 years.

EnergySolutions purchased the site from Dominion Energy, which planned to take 40 to 50 years to decommission the site.

The 566-megawatt nuclear power plant was shut down by Dominion in 2013, and the Virginia-based energy company completed the used nuclear fuel transfer to an onsite dry fuel storage facility in June 2017. The remaining decommissioning work will be completed by EnergySolutions and will result in the complete dismantlement of the facility and removal of radioactive waste, with a planned start in 2022.

EnergySolutions plans to spend about $85 million a year on the decommission and plans to work with local contractors on the project, which is expected to create about 200 new jobs in Kewaunee County, said Ben Nelson, executive director of the Kewaunee County Economic Development Corp.

“Moving into prompt decommissioning will provide a positive economic impact to the township of Carlton as well as Kewaunee County by creating jobs within the local community and provide opportunities for local vendors and subcontractors,” Nelson said in a press release.

The plant site is about 900 acres and Nelson said the hope is the property will be redeveloped and returned to the property tax rolls.