2018 Anniversary Celebrations



Cheers to those celebrating LANDMARK YEARS!

2018 CoverThe business grows. Paid employees are hired sponsored content. and eventually, the owners begin to pay themselves, too. If it makes it past the proverbial third or seventh year, perhaps the business blossoms. Then one day, a landmark anniversary arrives … and it’s time to celebrate!

As we at Insight Publications enter our landmark 10th year in business, we know this yearning to celebrate. This sense of accomplishment, of gratification, stirred our desire to share the success stories of other businesses in Northeast Wisconsin. So many companies in the New North have marked landmark anniversaries in recent years, we thought, why not offer a chance to share them in one special Anniversary issue?

From C.R. Meyer and Sons Company , celebrating 130 years this year, to Oshkosh Corp. , which observed its centennial last July, there’s a whole lot of pride in these stories. We’ve featured some of them in Insight magazine in recent years, but everything in this special section is told in the words of the companies themselves, as sponsored content.

In April, Insight will mark its 10th year with the redesign of our monthly magazine. We’re reserving that issue to share our own story. I think you’ll find the stories in this issue inspiring. Consider it a snapshot representing just a few tales of entrepreneurship success in the New North. Kick back, pop a cork – and enjoy!

— Margaret LeBrun

Anniversaries celebrated in this issue include:


CR Meyer | 130

Miron Construction Co., Inc. | 100

Nueske’s | 85

Werner Electric Supply | 70

Hurckman Mechanical Industries | 65

J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc. | 65

M3 Insurance | 50

Northwind IP Law | 35

Network Health | 35

Exhibit Systems | 25

Weidner Center for the Performing Arts | 25

American National Bank | 25

Alberts & Heling CPA’s | 20

Wisconsibs | 20

Elevate97 | 20

Employment Resource Group | 15

Coalesce Marketing | 14

Red Shoes PR | 10

Insight is already working on its 2019 Anniversary Celebrations publication. To learn more and secure your spot, please see our Anniversary Celebrations information page.