Midwest Carriers celebrates 35 years

Since its beginning in 1986, Midwest Carriers of Kaukauna (formerly known as V&S Midwest Carriers Corp.) has accelerated over the road (OTR) trucking with new equipment, a strong support team and dedicated drivers on the road every day. As a family-owned company founded by drivers, Midwest Carriers takes pride in its deep roots in the freight industry. Built on strong camaraderie among employees, reliable transportation and impeccable customer service, the company continues to thrive.

Celebrating their 35th anniversary this year, Midwest Carriers has grown from two employees with one truck to more than 200 employees with 166 tractors and 450 trailers. Their core business is shipping perishable food products, like Wisconsin cheese, across the country and is also growing in logistics as well as local shuttle business.

Aside from a recent rebrand, Midwest Carriers was also awarded the chief execution officer for the GKM Wisconsin TEU Intermodal Circuitous Platform, revolutionizing the way import and export containers move through the state of Wisconsin. Because it remains driven by the people it serves, Midwest Carriers continues to thrive and grow its business.

Living the values every day
Founded by Dave and Marge Van Handel in 1986, Midwest Carriers and its employees have always focused on company and family values. When leadership changed hands in 2017 to the company’s current president and second-generation owner, Eric Van Handel, the commitment to the company’s history remained strong. “I am proud to continue the legacy my parents created by building relationships within our team and with customers,” Van Handel said.

Today, the company maintains that legacy, following four main values: serving to selflessly help others, creating innovative solutions, building trust between the team and the customer and continuing the commitment to quality.

More than just a tag line
Midwest Carriers is driven by its team of dedicated employees. Afterall, it takes support and perseverance to drive OTR freight — the job is not always easy.  

“Our tagline is ‘Driven by the people we serve,’” said Van Handel. “If we’re going to win as a company, we need to serve our drivers and understand where they’re coming from. We need to provide them with great equipment and take care of their personal needs. If our drivers feel good about working here, they’re going to stay as well as take care of our customers.”

Because they come from a trucking background, the leadership team understands the demands on a professional truck driver and the importance of support, safety and quality. Through training opportunities, driver support and competitive pay, Midwest Carriers creates the right work environment. By paying drivers 22 percent more than the national average and ensuring equipment is always up to spec, their teams are encouraged to do their best work — safely moving freight across the country. The trucking industry has a bad habit of paying drivers based on the performance of the truck whether it’s the driver’s fault or not. Midwest Carriers is changing that with weekly guarantees so drivers can budget and thrive. Midwest Carriers is proud to hold titles like the Truckload Carriers Association’s National Safety Award winner and ranking among the Environmental Protection Agency’s top 6 percent of the most fuel-efficient fleets in the country.

Driving into the next decade
While the company’s roots have remained the same, Midwest Carriers has adapted to new challenges and demands. With state-of-the-art technology, such as real-time product monitoring for temperature-sensitive products, goods are delivered safely to their end destination. A custom-built app, Doc Hauler, ensures drivers have the support they need at their fingertips. Celebrating their 35th anniversary is just one more mile forward as the company moves into the next decade.

2001 Hyland Ave.
Kaukauna, WI 54130
(800) 876-4330

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