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Posted on May 30, 2018 :: Reader Recommended
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What are you reading, watching, wearing or doing that’s so great you want to share it with others? We asked a few of our Insight readers, and this is what they said.
— Compiled by Insight Editor Margaret LeBrun


Easy email

“In this age of technology, we are bombarded with ‘convenient’ forms of communication, like emails!  To get out from under that crushing burden, try using these two simple rules of email etiquette: Start with stating the PURPOSE of your email — why are you sending this?  Secondly, in bullet point form, explain the ACTIONS that are requested of the recipient and give a due date.  This considerate behavior will be appreciated by your audience, and not surprisingly, will result in quicker response time ­— which is what we all want!”

Donna Rippin, Business Brains Group, Appleton


Boots made for walkin’

“Relationships that begin in Las Vegas usually end before the cab ride to McCarran International Airport and the flight home. That’s not what happened to me.

In 2009, I was a non-gambler on a short vacation to Sin City and wandered into a mall on Las Vegas Boulevard. I was quite confident they would never have anything I would want to buy.

I was wrong. I found my favorite pair of shoes ever at the Fashion Show Mall in Vegas!

For the next eight years, the lime-green, patent leather Doc Marten boots I purchased that day were my go-to footwear for partying, hiking, working and everything in between. The manner in which they ‘aged’ reminded me of the lush patina acquired by ancient artifacts in important museums. Plus, they were incredibly comfortable.

In 2017, I felt our best years were behind us. I boxed up the boots and sent them to a friend who two years earlier told me she coveted the scruffy shoes they had become. My green Docs would have a new home.

These beloved boots were replaced by two new pairs of Docs. A sign of new adventures ahead.”

Barb Luhring, graphic recorder and package designer,, Green Bay


Art: The heart of community pride

“The arts, and specifically live music, are contributing to the quality of life in Northeast Wisconsin more than at any point during my lifetime (and I have been around a while). Whether it is high-profile, professional artists like Cory Chisel and Steve March-Tormé, or local amateurs playing one of the many community events and festivals, live music has been embraced by the people of this area and is now a source of pride.”

David Thiel, executive director, Waupaca County Economic Development Corp.


Standout socks

“I’ve been wearing colorful, outlandish dress socks. This immediately puts me in a fun, creative mood in the morning, and I will cross my legs the right way in a sluggish meeting to spark creative ideas. Our world craves more fun, more coloring outside the lines, whether it be dress socks, tattoos, piercings or whatever makes us most human. Insanity is when you have people who look the same, talk the same and dress the same and wonder why they can’t come up with any big ideas to transform the world.”

Bill Marklein, founder & CEO, Employ Humanity, Plymouth

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