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Posted on Nov 29, 2020 :: Reader Recommended
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Every month for the past three years, Insight has asked its readers for recommendations about what they’re reading, watching, doing or listening to that’s so great they just had to share it with others. This month marks the last month of Reader Recommended — look for a new feature here starting in January — and we want to thank all the readers who have shared their recommendations with us!

— Compiled by Insight Editor MaryBeth Matzek

Deep dive

“‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ (podcast) is my jam. The programs are deep, two- to three-hour-long conversations with various experts, politicians, athletes, futurists, comedians, nutritionists, law enforcement and scientists. Joe does a great job of asking for information to be broken down, posing probing questions and playing devil’s advocate. It is in-depth information that is too often missing in this age of ‘click bait’ and ‘identity politics.’”

Dane Checolinski, NAI Pfefferle, Sheboygan

What’s your story?

“A nonprofit board I’m on asked each of the board members to read the book ‘Building a Story Brand’ by Donald Miller. What I love about this book is it simplifies your message to enable people at all levels of any organization to tell your business’s story. Every organization’s story has a hero — their customer, or in our case, our patients. OSMS’s story is getting patients back to the life they love, hence our ‘I’m Back’ patient testimonials. This logic is easy to test. Brands that make me the hero and act as my guide draw me in and usually get my business. How are you making your customer the hero?”

Sandy Fragale, Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Specialists, Green Bay

Succinct summaries

“While I see myself as a lifelong learner and enjoy reading books that can help me develop as a leader and a person, it is difficult to find the time to read all of the books that are recommended to me. I then discovered Soundview book summaries ( I decided to take the plunge and pay for a subscription and I can say I wasn’t disappointed. The service offers many well-known books by acclaimed authors and provides short, digestible summaries. Just a couple of pages in length, they do a great job in helping me understand key concepts and ideas from the book. Whether I can pick up all I need from the summary or decide to then pick up the book for more detail, I’ve found good value in the time saved and the knowledge gained.”

Mark Thiel, ThedaCare, Neenah

Creating outdoor traditions 

“I visited Gibbsville Apple Orchard this fall for a gallon of fresh apple cider. Hot cider mixed with Wisconsin brandy made for the perfect blustery-day drink and I filled my favorite red plaid Thermos with the delicious concoction for an afternoon hike. Luckily, this same day we had an early snowfall, so I strapped on my Bean Boots, buttoned up my shawl sweater and wool shirt jacket, and pulled on my slouchy cap for a warm and cozy feeling. Hiking in Maywood, with the rolling river and sounds of the outdoors providing ambience, was a simple getaway needed for a mental check. The warming drink provided ritual. These connected, hectic days can alter life’s natural rhythms, while simple traditions can help reconnect the heart.”

Ray York, Sheboygan County Economic Development Corp.