A computer could have written this headline

Posted on Jun 25, 2019 :: Commentary
Posted by , Insight on Business Staff Writer

Technology is taking over all parts of business, from augmented reality allowing construction companies to take their clients on a virtual 360-degree tour of their project to an artificial intelligence program reading through a news story and choosing the best headline. (By the way, a computer did not write the headline above; I did.)

Digital transformation involves using technology to solve traditional problems, and it’s a concept many business owners and leaders strive for even though they may have a murky view of what the phrase means. In the region, Advancing AI Wisconsin is taking a leading role on the issue, first by partnering with New North Inc. to create a supplier category on its successful Supply Chain Marketplace and now by working with St. Norbert College in De Pere on a new seminar series designed to educate business leaders about emerging technologies and how to implement them in the workplace.

“Many Wisconsin businesses — large and small — are at a significant crossroads with respect to technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, 5G, 3D printing and more,” Oliver Buechse, AAIW’s co-founder and executive director, said when announcing the collaboration with St. Norbert. “These technologies are changing the competitive dynamics in our state’s mainstay industries, creating both challenges and opportunities.”

With the Supply Chain Marketplace, AAIW helped the New North create appropriate digital transformation categories where vendors could list their offerings and how they could help businesses in that area. In addition, the marketplace allows businesses to post their own projects and ask for proposals from vendors.

The Digital Transformation Series offered through St. Norbert’s Schneider School of Business and AAIW aims to build a solid understanding of the nature and impact of new technologies so leaders can create value and shape the future of their organizations. The seminars cover a wide range of topics from cyber threats and defensive options for businesses to how companies can use virtual and augmented realities. More information on the series is available at schneiderschool.snc.edu/digitaltransformation.

There’s no doubt businesses have a lot of interest in digital transformation and how it can help their organizations grow. Unlike other new technologies that have taken a while to make their way to Wisconsin, digital transformation is already here. The more organizations here and elsewhere embrace digital transformation, the more difficult it will be for business owners to ignore. The time is now to learn what you can and how this latest technology can help transform your business.