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Sun Graphics Media, Franzen Graphics move to common space

Posted on Feb 26, 2021 :: Small Business Spotlight
Janet Weyandt
Posted by , Insight on Business Staff Writer

When Sun Graphics Media opens the doors to its gleaming new facility later this year, it will christen what it calls the only marketing agency of its kind in this corner of Wisconsin. 

The 97-year-old business is completing construction on a new $5.5 million, 53,000-square-foot facility in Sheboygan Falls that will bring all its services under one roof. Sun Graphics Media’s service lines include printing, brand strategy development, marketing solutions, and website and app development. 

For now, Sun Graphics Media operates in two separate locations — the creative agency in Sheboygan and the print facility in Plymouth.

“We are streamlining our operations, making efficiencies that we can then pass on to our clients in the form of competitive pricing,” says President Justin Webb. “Our goal is to house all our experts within our marketing matrix under one roof.” 

The new facility will house the commercial printing operation on the first floor and creative and administrative personnel in the two-story office area.

In addition, the building will include perks like a game room, a full gym with showers and a soundproof studio for video and photo production. Webb says providing amenities like a gym and game room has a positive impact on employees’ productivity. 

“Our business is deadline-oriented and demand-driven,” he says. “Our employees function at a high level. To counterbalance that, an environment that they can all look forward to coming to daily, with perks built in, is an atmosphere we are looking to create. These are people we respect greatly and want to look after. The idea is to strive to make our employees happy, and it really shows through in the work.”

The new building will accommodate all 46 employees, and Webb says the business is looking to add between five and 10 more workers this year. 

Sun Graphics opened in 1924 as the Print Shop in Plymouth. Over the decades, it changed hands several times, evolving along the way. It became Sun Graphics Design in 1979, and after some more changes, it moved into its present facility in Plymouth in 2002. 

Webb purchased the company in 2015 and led the acquisition of Franzen Graphics in 2019. With clients such as Reebok and the PGA, the 30-year-old Franzen Graphics fit with the direction Webb was leading the company. 

Sun Graphics Media works with large national firms but prides itself on serving clients of all sizes. Webb says one attribute that sets Sun Graphics Media apart from its competitors around the country is the way it views its clients.

“We work for smaller and mid-size companies as well as Fortune 500 companies,” he says. “And the work we do is not farmed out to a third-party vendor. This really speaks to our uniqueness and the way our in-house capabilities translate to efficiencies that we can pass on to our wide range of clients.”

That flexibility appears to be paying off. Sun Graphics Media has gone from $1 million in sales to $7 million over the past two years, Webb says. 

After Webb bought Franzen Graphics, he started Sun Graphics Media’s transformation by assembling a team of marketing experts. He calls it “the only full-service, data-driven, fully immersive marketing agency of its kind in southeastern Wisconsin.” 

Data-driven is the key, he says. “Our creative solutions are informed by science, not guesswork.”

Sun Graphics Media and Franzen Graphics maintain distinct identities, but a rebranding is in the works that will encapsulate the wide range of services and expertise the combined company offers, Webb says.