An effervescent return

Posted on Nov 1, 2017 :: Made in the New North
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“Jolly Good” conjure happy memories of youth and the bubbly flavors of a fruity soda.

It’s no longer just a memory. Jolly Good soda, which disappeared from store shelves in Wisconsin around 2006, is making a comeback in Northeast Wisconsin and the state. Reintroduced by Krier Foods Inc. of Random Lake in 2016, the regional soda brand has found new life with a generation of consumers looking for local and handcrafted products.

1117_Made_in_the_New_North_2“As craft became trendy, another bottler approached us about buying the recipe and the brand,” says John Rassel, Krier Foods president, and fifth-generation owner. “We figured if there was that much interest, maybe it was time to bring it back and decided we would do it ourselves.”

The product had originally been discontinued amid competitive pressures from the major soda brands. Rassel decided to bring the product back into full-line production, introducing six flavors and the corresponding diet products.

The marketing for Jolly Good has been strictly grassroots,
using social media and nostalgia to grow demand. The company is exploring new flavors and expanded distribution heading into 2018.