Braking away

Posted on Jul 1, 2016 :: Made in the New North
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Think of this the next time you tap your brakes:

The rotors on your car or truck quite likely came out of Waupaca Foundry.

The foundry, part of Hitachi Metals, is the largest iron foundry company in the world. Waupaca Foundry is North America’s leading supplier for iron castings to the automotive, commercial vehicle, agriculture, construction and industrial markets — including the brake rotors that bring your vehicle to a safe stop.

Cast on the line in Waupaca, the rotors can be found on nearly all models of cars and light trucks plying highways and backroads in North America. As auto makers have sought to improve mileage and reduce emissions, the foundry has developed techniques to make the rotors lighter without sacrificing strength or wear.

Tens of millions of rotors are produced for the auto industry each year. With three plants in Waupaca and one each in Marinette, Tell City, Ind. and Etowah, Tenn., Waupaca Foundry employs nearly 3,900. The company received the 2015 Excellence in Quality Award from Honda Motor Company.