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Pathmakers helps business leaders find and harness their gifts

Posted on Apr 30, 2020 :: Small Business Spotlight
Kat Boogaard
Posted by , Insight on Business Staff Writer

Some leaders really make their mark. They leave you feeling inspired, motivated and supported. Thom Cody, president and CEO of Pathmakers in Hobart, is on a mission to create more of those leaders.

“We work with executive leaders and their teams, helping them appreciate the gifts they have and the impact they have in the world,” he says, adding Pathmakers has helped leaders navigate situations from leadership succession to market changes.

Started by Cody’s father in July 1994, Pathmakers originally focused on outsourced human resource support for small- and mid-sized companies. Just a few years later, the business was thriving and his father was looking for some help. Cody, who was working for an employer doing internal recruiting for director-level positions and above, put on his recruiter’s hat and asked exactly what his dad was seeking in a business partner.

“Somewhere in that conversation, I asked, ‘Would you ever consider working with your son?’” Cody says.

Over the course of the next three months, they talked about what that arrangement would look like. Cody officially joined the company in March 1998, and Pathmakers began shifting more toward leadership development.

“My passion has always been helping individuals and groups relate to one another,” he says. “A lot of the dysfunction in organizations exists at the top of the house, so I made my dad promise me that we’re going to work with the folks who have responsibility for the culture.”

Pathmakers works in an array of industries with leaders, CEOs, presidents and owners who realize their companies have untapped potential but aren’t sure how to leverage it. While Cody says the business relies on a process that engages both leaders and their teams, it still focuses on a customized approach.

“In over 35 years of being in business and working with people, I’ve realized I can’t force you to be somewhere you aren’t ready to be,” he says. “A lot of our magic is that we’re willing to engage somebody and meet them where they are.”

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