Comfort food you’ll want to share

Posted on May 1, 2018 :: Power Lunch
Posted by , Insight on Business Staff Writer

Sometimes business lunches can be a stuffy and formal affair. But on those occasions when letting the stuffing out of the shirt is called for, there may be no better place to unbutton the collar and untuck the shirt than Cozzy Corner.

It’s amazing what a little slow-down culture and Southern charm can do for a business meeting, not to mention a background music serenade from the Godfather of Soul.

“It’s a place I really like to take people to highlight a slice of Fox Cities culture they might not see otherwise and outside of the sort of expected experience,” Adrienne Palm, director of gBETA Northeast Wisconsin at gener8tor, says of one of her favorite haunts. “I know it’s someplace they will want to come back to on their own.”

Located at 111 N. Walnut St., across the street from the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center in downtown Appleton, Cozzy Corner Southern Food opened its doors in 2012, offering the Fox Cities a taste of traditional Southern cuisine and barbecue based on family recipes from Alabama and Florida. To complete the experience, murals of classic performers such as James Brown, Aretha Franklin and the Jackson 5 adorn the space.

For a true taste of the South, try the Chicken & Waffles ($8.99) or the Big Momma catfish sandwich ($9.99), and make sure to get a side of red beans and rice. For the adventurous, frog legs also grace the menu, as do more traditional items such as barbecue ribs or chicken.     

— Sean P. Johnson