Connecting of the minds

Two upcoming events aim to connect business leaders and communities

Posted on May 1, 2016 :: Connections
Andrew Schaick
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Experience Inbound: How to be relevant so clients come to you

In business promotion, a term gaining popularity is “inbound marketing.” But understanding what this concept is all about still has some business leaders and decision makers scratching their heads.

Since the mid-2000s, inbound marketing has been a growing marketing method for doing business online. What is considered to be “new marketing” does the opposite of traditional outbound marketing methods such as buying ads and buying email lists.

Inbound marketing focuses on creating quality content that pulls people to your company and products, making them feel this is naturally where they want to be.

Experience Inbound, set for May 23 in Milwaukee and May 24 in Green Bay, is an event designed to showcase the newer form of marketing to businesses from across the state.

“One purpose of Experience Inbound is to help people implement this approach that is completely new for them,” says Jamie Cartwright, marketing manager for Weidert Group, co-coordinator of the event. “We want prospective clients to learn how today’s marketing is different from traditional marketing and more importantly, how to address the change.”

Weidert Group of Appleton and Stream Creative of Milwaukee, which are actually looked at as competitors, are teaming up to make the event possible. 

This is the second year for the event but the first year both companies are partnering to make it happen.

“We know you are going to differentiate against your competition, but we know we have capabilities and they know they do as well,” Cartwright says. “We share prospective clients and that is what pushes us to team up for this event. We basically want to get the message of inbound marketing out there.”

The first session will be held on May 23 at Miller Park Skyy Lounge in Milwaukee. The second will be held on May 24 at Lambeau Field Legends Club Room in Green Bay.

Among the speakers will be Jake Stein with Google, Pete Caputa of HubSpot and Sam Slaughter of Contently.

Hosting the event at two different venues is what organizers are calling a strategic move that will help emphasize the exclusivity of the event.

“We are extremely lucky we were able to get two premier venues to host this event,” Cartwright says. “A lot of businesses in this region are starting to adopt the inbound concept and being able to host the events in Milwaukee and Green Bay is just one key to the overall success of the program.”

logoCultivate: Promoting unique attributes of place

Cultivating inspiration among business leaders, up-and-comers, nonprofits and entrepreneurs within the Fox Cities region is the mission behind this year’s Cultivate event June 7.

The event aims to inspire guests to succeed in their careers and in their personal lives. Organizers say the event is a way to make connections between businesses and industries to form long-lasting business partnerships.

“We are really looking to connect with all sectors of business but also with individuals,” says Adrienne Palm, director of leadership for the Fox Cities Chamber’s Pulse and Cultivate. “It’s really about creating change in your community through small, incremental collaborations and finding ways that anyone can step up and have a huge impact in the Fox Cities.”

The keynote speaker this year is Derreck Kayongo, an entrepreneur who is originally from Africa but has settled in Atlanta after launching Global Soap, a project/business that takes discarded soap from hotels and turns it into new bars. The idea for this business stemmed from Kayongo’s experience when he visited refugee camps, where families were vulnerable to disease simply because they had no soap.

“We chose to bring in Derreck because we feel he can kick off the event and really inspire people with his personal story,” Palm says. “Another reason was we are trying to tie his idea of solving a problem by creating a business from that, and tie that concept back to our own community.”

Palm also says the event will inspire the audience to support anyone who is doing something unique, interesting or creative in their business or for the community, and to bring different perspectives to the area.

“We want to cut through all of the corporate talk and the buzzwords and get to the heart of what it means to transform our community,” Palm says. “Events like this are designed to provide takeaways and that’s why events companies and organizations around here are so successful. Organizers know what people here want to see.”