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Marketing pros to share inbound tactics and success at Experience Inbound

Posted on Jun 1, 2017 :: Connections , Up Front
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It seems to be in a marketer’s nature to share.

From powerful content for a prospect to sage tips with a colleague, sharing information is the key to success in modern marketing. It’s about sparking and nurturing an ongoing conversation, so that when a prospect is ready to make a purchase, there is a trusted relationship in place for you to help guide them.

Inbound marketers from across Wisconsin will share the secrets of their success doing just that June 13 and 14 during Experience Inbound, a two-day event held at Lambeau Field and Miller Park.

“The process is very buyer driven,” says Greg Linnemanstons, president of Appleton-based Weidert Group, which will co-host the event with Stream Creative. “Buyers have the ability now to screen out what they don’t want, and you need to deliver the content they want on their terms. It’s an earned conversation now.”

The tactics and best practices for earning that conversation make up the content for the two-day Experience Inbound event, which features sessions delivered by inbound marketing experts from around the country, including inbound pioneer HubSpot.

Inbound marketing starts with a simple premise, that the hunt for most business challenges starts with an internet search. Companies that deploy inbound marketing for business development work to create quality content that aligns with a potential buyer’s pain points and interests using various digital tools such as email and social media to pull people toward the company and its products or services.

While it was a relatively new concept when Weidert Group adopted the practice, Linnemanstons estimates at least 75 percent of companies are using at least some elements in their sales and marketing efforts.

The event will offer plenty of material for both the newcomer and the experienced inbound marketer, with many of the topics developed from the challenges and conversations raised during recent HubSpot user group meetings. The content will be both practical and actionable.

“People want to be able to apply the information in their own business the next day,” says Jeff Coon, a partner with Stream Creative. “Everyone is very willing to share what they have done and how they might have solved a particular challenge. The culture of sharing is really important.”

That sharing is an important part of improving the links between the sales and marketing team so that opportunities are not lost, says Nicole Mertes, director of business development for Weidert Group, who will present on the importance of both teams understanding the buyer’s journey in the current atmosphere.

“Most marketing teams have their personas and pain points in place now, and they understand what content to deliver based on where they are in the process,” Mertes says. “But the sales team also needs to be able to identify that.”

Coon, who has a penchant for superheroes, often makes his presentation while wearing a Superman T-shirt. While passionate and serious about inbound marketing, the experts appearing at the event like to have a little fun, too.

Coon and Linnemanstons will take part in an experts panel each afternoon.

As it was last year, Experience Inbound will take place June 13 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, then will be presented again June 14 at Miller Park in Milwaukee. The dual presentations enable the event to attract a wider audience and leverage two of the state’s more high-profile venues.

“Miller Park is a fabulous venue,” Linnemanstons says. “And does it get much better than historic Lambeau Field?”

If you go:

June 13
8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Lambeau Field
Green Bay

June 14
8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Miller Park

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