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Posted on Apr 1, 2014 :: Editor
Margaret LeBrun
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Everything’s amazing and nobody cares.

Think about how incredibly fast technology continuously changes how we live and work — how your first bug-eyed, “OMG, I can’t believe what this thing can do!” instantly turns to scorn when that very thing fails for just a nanosecond, and you can’t help but laugh at this line from comedian Louis C.K.

Obviously, half his statement is true and the other, only in the personal, love-hate-dispassionate relationships we have with our gadgets. For sure, the highly competitive world of business that creates and markets technology products cares a great deal, to the tune of many billions of dollars.

Amazing was my first love, the smallest, lightest little SLR (single-lens reflex, for Millennials who’ve never met one) you could buy at the time. Even though I was a college student, I remember the people who helped me treated me as if I was making a major purchase, outfitting a large, professional studio. It was a major purchase for me, at a place highly recommended by every camera geek in my world at the time, Camera Corner in Green Bay.

Since then, so many camera stores, too slow to see where the world was headed, have gone out of business. The survivors who still rely on retail place all their eggs in the basket of new products, customer service and loyalty.

When Rick Chernick, this month’s cover story, led me on a tour of what has long since been called CCCP, or Camera Corner Connecting Point, I had more bug-eyed moments than the morning my first smart phone came into my life. I salivated over new attachments that can make the quality of my smart phone photos exponentially more robust. My mind raced with possibilities of what we could do with a GoPro video camera, which you can attach to almost anything for a unique, if not bizarre, perspective. And my brow raised when Rick showed me the drone camera, which you fly remotely over any scene with a bird’s-eye view (you can only imagine what some people might find these useful for).

The most incredible technology offered at CCCP, however, is not its tangible products (which, of course, include smart phones). Led by Chernick’s vision, the company’s offerings in IT services, training and taking companies into the future today make up more than 95 percent of its business. The cameras? They’re great, they’re the latest, and the “Digital Café” for print-loving shutterbugs is the first thing you see when you walk in. But what’s really going on at CCCP – and has brought its revenues to $57 million – goes on behind the scenes and off the premises. Read Sharon Verbeten’s story, “Digital Dynamo.”

Staying ahead of the trends is critical to survival for any business. Those that thrive put a high priority on innovation, and it’s no secret that Microsoft is among those that take it to heart. We at Insight are excited to invite you to come and hear one of the top leaders of Microsoft at our third annual THINC! event (Technology & Human Innovation Networking Conference) May 20. Keynote Efrem Z. Stringfellow, Microsoft vice president for the U.S. Central Region, will talk about the importance of innovation in any business, and how technology can help us do business better. Go to Connections for a Q&A with Stringfellow.

Also at THINC! this year, we’ll announce the winners of our first Insight Innovation Awards. I encourage you to register for THINC!.

As at every Insight Publications event, we expect the networking reception will be a big draw. You won’t want to miss it. I look forward to seeing you there!

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