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Margaret LeBrun
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Photo by Margaret LeBrun

Photo by Margaret LeBrun

The new cafeteria at St. Elizabeth Hospital, Appleton, is open to the public — and with its emphasis on fresh, nutritional and farm-to-table food, it’s bound to draw a following.

The Marketplace opened in mid-December. Besides a menu that includes food cooked from scratch, it features tall ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows that look out onto a courtyard, which will be lush with gardens and a fountain by spring.

Part of phase four of the hospital’s multiyear, $108 million renovation, the cafeteria is on the ground floor of the new, five-story Fremont Tower. Patient rooms in the tower are expected to open mid-January.

Before patient rooms were designed, more than 700 patients were surveyed about what would make their hospital stays more comfortable. Out of 175 suggestions, designers incorporated 107 ideas into the new rooms to enhance patient healing.

Among the enhancements: Each of the 90 new, private rooms on three floors of the Fremont Tower is separated into “neighborhoods” of 10 rooms, with five rooms on each side of a nurse’s station, keeping noise to a minimum. Outside each room is a small desk with a computer overlooking a window; a nurse can open the blinds and glimpse the patient as well as the monitor showing vital signs, allowing patients to rest with minimal interruptions. A two-sided closet allows nurses to stock supplies from the hall and access them inside the room. Doors to each private restroom slide completely open to allow nursing staff to assist patients as needed. Every room comes with a visitor’s chair that folds open to a single bed.

“Everything is designed to keep things efficient while keeping that healing atmosphere for patients,” says Jamin Homan, Lean Leader and RN, Affinity Health System.

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