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SNFood & Beverage is redefining hard seltzer

Posted on Dec 2, 2019 :: Small Business Spotlight
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If you’ve been at a bar or social event recently, you’ve probably seen someone sipping a hard seltzer. The bubbly beverage is soaring in popularity, with Nielsen reporting that sales have increased 200 percent over the past year alone.

That’s for good reason: While alcohol can take a toll on the waistline, most hard seltzers are low in calories, carbs and sugar.

For keto diet followers Adam and Amanda Kroener, a husband and wife from Glenbeulah in Sheboygan County, there was just one problem: They didn’t love how hard seltzers tasted. The two saw space in the market for a hard seltzer with great flavor while still offering those diet-friendly benefits. With that, SNFood & Beverage was born.

Adam Kroener, who has a background in bartending, began mixing some concoctions in his own kitchen before landing on a winning formula of vodka and sparkling water.

“If somebody is going to put this in a can, we should be the ones to do it,” he says.

That’s how SNFood & Beverage’s first product, Carbliss, hit the market. They found a manufacturer, obtained government approval of their formula and launched the drink this past Labor Day weekend.

“It launched on Friday, and by Sunday afternoon, we were sold out in 90 percent of our locations,” Kroener says.

While the co-founders both still work full-time jobs outside of the business, they’re highly focused on expanding Carbliss’ reach. The beverage is available throughout Wisconsin, with a heavier focus in the Fox Valley. Each week, the number of locations selling Carbliss grows by 20 or 30.

The Kroeners hope to expand distribution outside of the state by next summer and are always working to develop greater brand recognition through marketing efforts and tasting events.

Carbliss is SNFood & Beverage’s first product, but the team has some ideas for future products.

“Right now, we’re focused on growing this brand,” Kroener says of Carbliss. “Once we’re stabilized, then we’ll look at launching other stuff.”