Frozen assets

Posted on Jun 1, 2017 :: Made in the New North
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Over the years, people’s love affair with
ice cream hasn’t so much changed, but rather their tastes have broadened. Kiel’s Stoelting Foodservice has kept pace with it all.

Stoelting, now a Vollrath company, began in 1905 fabricating tanks for farmers and cheesemakers. Its course changed in 1939 when Home Made Ice Cream Co. (now Dairy Queen) contracted the company to engineer and build the first soft ice cream dispenser.

Today, the company feeds America’s insatiable appetite for frozen treats in whatever form they may come, from soft serve to custard to frozen yogurt to slushies and even margaritas. Rich Koehl, the company’s general manager, says Stoelting prides itself on making machines that are easy to disassemble and clean, an advantage for an industry that has high employee turnover rates.

Koehl says a lot has changed in ice cream throughout the decades. “From the taste standpoint, people are looking for a much more flavorful, diverse type of product,” he says, pointing to the growing artisan market.

The company sells to restaurants and convenience stores from coast to coast. Koehl says as it moves into the future, it will remain on the cutting edge of technology and work with businesses to make customers’ lives easier. And you can put a cherry on top of that.